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"...a beautiful, exotic, ear-opening listening experience." - (All About Jazz)

Arun Ramamurthy Trio (ART) brings a fresh approach to age-old South Indian classical repertoire.  The Carnatic canon is reimagined in this organic and seamless integration of styles as the group expands on traditional forms in explosive, improvisational flights of fancy. Arun’s original music tells stories of migration and cultural connection, drawing from Carnatic raga and rhythmic structures, while stretching the music with a modern jazz backbeat. The trio’s collaborative sound is driven by the propulsive rhythm section of drummer Sameer Gupta & and electric bassist Damon Banks.


By staying true to raga sensibilities, the modes which form the melodic foundation for Indian classical composition, but finding the full sonic identity of a jazz trio, Ramamurthy’s ensemble discovers new common ground and moments of organic conversation between two traditions, both based on a balance of rigor and freedom.


Ramamurthy’s instrument soars and growls, sings and dances, in beautiful tandem with Gupta and Banks. With the perfect pitch of Indian classical violin and the gritty lilt of American fiddle, Ramamurthy goes to evocative places of longing and joy, sentiments common in Indian devotional music—and in certain strains of jazz.


Featured performance venues have include The Appel Room @ Jazz at Lincoln Center, Jazz Gallery, Ragas Live Festival at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn), David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Cornelia Street Cafe, Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Moving Images, Brooklyn Raga Massive and more.

“…..a captivating and inspirational listening experience, worthy of the highest recommendation for multicultural music collections.” (Midwest Book Review)

"...Ramamurthy's violin more than anything makes the connection between India and America clear." (SomethingElse)

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